Saturday, October 1, 2011

Pizza Hut Bistro

Yesterday, Aleli, Gail and I bonded for the nth time.  It was a surprised escape; we decided to go to Gateway since it was the most accessible place to hang out. We actually invited some our friends, but they beg not to go so then we deal with it. As we roam around we find ourselves hungry, so we search for place to dine.

We landed in Pizza hut bistro, at first we are not really sure why we decided to dine here. We are just loafing around but then BOOM! Lol. Sarah (our server) approach us and show our way to our designated seats.  She placed the menu in front of us and suggests some items that are new to their menu. Still we are not yet sure if we our going to get orders or not…. but we are already here so we go on.

The ambience was different from a usual store, the tone of the store is good for corporate venue and romantic dates. The magnificent view of skyline can be seen in the store windows, we can barely see as the shines turns to dark sky. But then, we don’t feel much comfortable.  Since the room was fully crowded the air-conditioning unit can not supply enough coldness within the store, aside from that the tables and chairs arrangement are too close.  I’m much concern with the servers because they can’t move easily. Sigh…

Scratch that….

We ordered a pan of Bacon Cheezeburger Cheesy pops pizza  with cheesy dip.

Bacon Cheezeburger Pizza for 415.00 pesos and additional 35.00 pesos for cheese dip

A plate of Texas Bake.
Texas Bake for 159.00 pesos
A spiral pasta in meatsauce topped with mozzarella cheese and strip of red bell pepper. Yum! it really taste good, I really recommend this to those who loves pasta.

And a six Wingstreet of Mild Buffalo wings

Gail and Me
I don't  have good picture of this,but  it taste sweeter but if you want a bit on the spice side, you can have the medium or better yet the Hot and spicy buffalo wings.

It was already 7.30 when we end filling up our tummy with these sumptuous meals.  We have gain more as expected. Right after it, we look for a place where we can enjoy more…. And we ended up in Timezone.. Yahoo…  we try to find a game where we can enjoy but all of them are :P so go on a videoke booth and enjoy our 100peso swipe card…. And the rest as they say is history. Lol.

It was truly a once in a lifetime activity between the three of us.  We are hoping we can do it again on our next meeting!:)

Food Score: 4/5
Service: 4/5

Monday, September 19, 2011

Le Bistro

Sustainable Coffees

The power of friendship lives on as we unite to celebrate aying's birthday.
It feels so great  to be with those people who you become close for the past four years in college. Gee! I was really thrilled to see them, with our excitement we plan this day to have a coffee break and most specially to see our dear friend Ron in the store.

6 months have past and seems no one have changed, those faces, the sound of their giggles haha everything makes me so happy. Bunch of stories, laughter and experiences are shared in our four hour stay in the store. we are supremely excited to see each other for the first time.

Le Bistro was a casual dining patronizing the fresh local ingredients available in the country. They help the coffee farmers to around the country by providing livelihood programs and technical assistance in order to provide growth in coffee farming.  Sustainable coffee means utilizing the locally grown coffees from the northern to southern part of the Philippines.

There advocacy is "Locavorism" which according to Le Bistro ; they make sure that there products are locally-soured, organic and natural.

The ambiance was different from an ordinary store, its vibrant green color makes you feel alive and exciting. all tables and chairs looks so comfy and very inviting to dine in.

And here are some of the foods we dig in.

Full House for 275.00 php

Red Velvet 


Caramel Cappucino

Blueberry Cheesecake 109.00php

Chocolate Cupcake for 25.00php

Nothing seems so spectacular with the food we dine in but the experience that we have cherish makes it unforgettable. thanks to our good server which I forgot to ask his name, who provide us plenty of water

Le Bistro
Food Score: 5/5

Location: Paseo Uno dE Calamba, Paciano, Calamba City, Laguna

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Day Off

The moment you spend your first earnings for your own pleasures was truly rewarding. By giving yourself a treat makes you have a soaring level of satisfaction.

Yesterday, I have to chance to discover two of the best hubs in LB. The Faustina’s and Dalcielo.


A modern casual dining restaurant located near Raymundo Gate. The store looks really expensive at first glance, an impression of a high end resto but on the contrary they offer sumptuous food that will really fits your budget. The ambience of the store was designed to feel relaxed and be stressed free.  The yellow lights and refreshing wall color makes me feel cozy and homey.
Though the store was a bit small (24 person in the room 4 sits per table)  they  provide a lot of things to offer. They have a wide variety of dishes where you can really choose from appetizers to desserts. But for now, I have guiltless feel to try new things which seems to be interesting in there list.

I tried out the Spaghetti meatbombs (131.00 php regular  order) sounds cools right? It was a  basic spaghetti with meatballs but the difference is…. The meatballs are hidden under the spaghetti sauce.

 The meatballs are really bombs; it literally explodes flavor in every bite. Each taste complements the real tomato flavor spaghetti. The pasta was cooked..seasoned perfectly and I enjoyed it much.

I paired it with cold cranberry-rasberry tea (60.00php). I suppose it should be sweet and refreshing but ironically. L I was unhappy with the tea, it taste blunt.

Jerz tried out the classic crispy bacon alfredo(125.00 php regular order). Pasta loaded with alfredo sauce and topped with lot’s and lot’s of crispy bacons. Actually, it really looks overloaded enough to feel your hungry appetite.

And a sweet cold Mango Shake for 65.00 php completes jerz Meal.

We are tastefully full in that evening. ;) but we are hungry for dessert.  So we walk our way down to Agapita to grab a taste of Dalcielo.


This new patisserie was one of it’s kind in elbi. It was totally unique idea to combine pastry with some kind of elegance. Something that most  “elbians” are not used to. The store was located along the Lopez road beside the famous V-lounge Spa.

Pastries will welcomes you as you enter the store premise. These little goodies are guiltlessly tantalizing to the eyes. It was very inviting to try each and every one of which. All those mouth watering treat looks very indulging.

For me, cream puff is one of the best. The combination of crisp and cream really blends well. The custard filling was just right, it complements with the sweetness of the bread.
Cream puff 

I © cream puff.
Pink Lemonade

To balance the flavor, I got to try their pink lemonade. A strawberry flavored lemonade for only 45.00php. The sweetness and the citrus flavor of the lemon makes it really so exciting. There is kick in every zip! I really recommend this. C

I believe there more things and places in LB to find out but this two really stands out. i cant wait to come back again and dine.

Food score: 4/5
place: 4/5
Service: 5/5

Food Scors: 5/5
Place: 5/5